The Current, CBC – February 12, 2021. Host Matt Galloway talked to Andrea about Icebound, a hard pandemic year, and why the story of William Barents matters today.

Here and Now, NPR/WBUR – January 15, 2021. Lisa Mullins talked to Andrea about her book Icebound, the harrowing journey of Dutch sailors from 400 years ago, and changes in the Arctic today – oh, and a walrus concert, too.

All In with Chris Hayes, MSNBC, “Lessons from history as U.S. detains more migrants” – June 6, 2019. Chris Hayes had Andrea on the show to discuss how decades of concentration camp history illustrate the dangers of US border policy and our expanding detention camps.

Trumpcast, Slate, “Detained without Trial” – June 21, 2018. Slate’s Jamelle Bouie talked with Andrea about how early concentration camp history sheds light on what is happening in the US detention camps at the southern border.

Us and Them, West Virginia Public Radio, “A Suburb of Hell” – March 15, 2018. Trey Kay talked with Andrea about the process by which society teaches people to fear and hate a specific group enough to lock them up.

Here and Now, NPR/WBUR – December 29, 2017. Lisa Mullins talked to Andrea about how concentration camps began and what it was like to write a book about this bleak history.

Community Radio News, WRFI Radio, Ithaca, NY – October 9, 2017. Esther Racoosin interviewed Andrea about the history of concentration camps across the twentieth century.

Think, KERA in Dallas – October 2, 2017. Host Krys Boyd talked to Andrea about One Long Night, her latest book.

Studio Tulsa, KWGS – September 28, 2017. Host Rich Fisher interviewed Andrea about the history of concentration camps.

Book TV, C-SPAN – September 26, 2017. Harvard Book Store hosted a talk by Andrea, in which she reads from One Long Night and talks about concentration camp history.

Democracy Now – September 21, 2017. Andrea talked to Amy Goodman about the history of concentration camps from the 1890s to the present, including her visits to the Rohingya camps in Myanmar’s Rakhine state. This is the second of two segments.

Democracy Now – February 2, 2017. Andrea spoke with Amy Goodman about President Trump’s executive order calling for a record of crimes committed by undocumented immigrants and about the administration’s failure to mention Jewish deaths in its Holocaust Remembrance Day statement.

Andrea’s segment starts at the 34:00 mark of the show. Producers also posted it as two separate segments with partial transcripts: one on the ‘de-Judaification’ of the Holocaust, and another on the undocumented immigrant crime report.

PRI’s The World – April 9, 2013. Host Marco Werman interviewed Andrea about how the history that Russian author Vladimir Nabokov lived through changed his life and shaped his work.

The Secret History of Vladimir Nabokov. April 2013. An audio excerpt of Andrea reading from the first chapter of her first book.