Democracy Now – February 2, 2017. Andrea spoke with Amy Goodman about President Trump’s executive order calling for a record of crimes committed by undocumented immigrants and about the administration’s failure to mention Jewish deaths in its Holocaust Remembrance Day statement.

Andrea’s segment starts at the 34:00 mark of the show. Producers also posted it as two separate segments with partial transcripts: one on the ‘de-Judaification’ of the Holocaust, and another on the undocumented immigrant crime report.

PRI’s The World – April 9, 2013. Host Marco Werman interviewed Andrea about how the history that Russian author Vladimir Nabokov lived through changed his life and shaped his work.

The Secret History of Vladimir Nabokov. April 2013. An audio excerpt of Andrea reading from the first chapter of her first book.

Interview Magazine – March 14, 2013. “Andrea Pitzer and the Original of Nabokov.”